Fort St. John

We landed in Fort St. John excited and ready to work. This was not surprising because Fort St. John, as everyone knows, is the Energetic City. Not convinced? Well look at this lovely picture I found on the internet.

See? Now, of course it didn’t look like that, being winter and all, and we never did see the beautiful golden rainbow, but everything was really energetic, let us tell you.

Anyway, because Fort St. John is very far from Ontario with a shocking lack of direct flights, we made it to the theatre just before show, and to didn’t even have time to eat. But did we let this stop us? No! The show must go on, even if we are slightly peckish! Oh, the sacrifices we make for our art.

The audience was, of course, extremely energetic and enjoyed talking to us during the show, often shouting out words seemingly at random. After a successful first set, we took a very energetic break.

Wow! Just look at that action shot. (Chris often counts his feet, just to be sure he still has the right number.)

Near the end of the show we performed “The Mounted Animal Nature Trail” which was going quite well until one audience member shouted out “EMBOLISM” instead of an animal noise. We figure he was trying to use a new word every day, and was running out of time. Or maybe it was a cry for help…

Next stop: Victoria!

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