The Christmas spirit was high as we drove into Ottawa to play at Centrepointe Theatre. Singing happy carols and slugging back egg nog we pulled into the beautiful parking lot, entered the theatre, and made short work of the soundcheck.  It was time for food!

A lovely bunch of volunteers made us dinner: salmon with asparagus au gratin to be exact. It was delightful.  Here is a picture of Mike being delighted:

Mmmmm! Salmon!Yes, it’s not the right way up, but we are busy people and don’t have time to rotate pictures before uploading them. Just tilt your head!

But, there was more. For dessert there was a Jell-o cake!

Jello Cake!Three different types of Jell-o in it! A day without Jell-o is a day without life, as Confucius so rightly pointed out.

The show itself was a veritable Christmas Miracle of fun. The audience seemed to especially enjoy our repeated jolly shouting of “Suck it up, it’s Christmas!”  Many were so swept up in the Christmas Spirit that they bought our cds and associated products.

And isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

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  1. The Ottawa concert was supremely awesome. I was there with hubby & kids. “Suck it up, it’s Christmas” is our new family motto. Vive la Nepean libre!!

  2. Saw the show Centrepointe. It was beyond awesome. Always a treat to see fellas live. Keep up the awesome work!!!

  3. From Geleen, The Netherlands to Mike, Chris, Trevor and their families, friends and loved ones….Merry Christmas !!!!!

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!

    May 2010 bring all of you love, happiness, good health, wealth and just generally a good time.
    May it bring us a new album….( he said hopefully 🙂 )

  5. Please come back to Ottawa….I missed you the last time and I promise NOT to miss you the next time…it would be a GREAT way to start 1013, Guys!!

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